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Single Sided
Single Sided


The BR-001 is available in single sided or double sided units. Manufactured in Mild Steel, Hot Dip Galvanized or Ornamental Stainless Steel and can be powdercoated if required. The BR-001 can be surface mounted or subterranean mounted.


BR-001 Single Sided                                                 BR-001 Double Sided

4 Bay  1710mmL x 800mmH x 540mmW                  8 Bay  1710mmL x 800mmH x 840mmW

6 Bay   2590mmL x 800mmH x 540mmW                 12 Bay 2590mmL x 800mmH x 840mmW

8 Bay   3470mmL x 800mmH x 540mmW                 16 Bay 3470mmL x 800mmH x 840mmW

10 Bay 4350mmL x 800mmH x 540mmW                  20 Bay 4350mmL x 800mmH x 840mmW

All measurements are approx. only.

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Double Sided

Double Sided

Single Sided

Single Sided

Double Sided 20 Bay

Double Sided 20 Bay