Aluminium Tiered Seating

ZS-ZKBB-RS-3 Tiered Seating

21 Seat, 3 tiered seats with half back Injection Moulded polypropylene seat (Model: ZS-ZKBB-P). High grade plastic with UV resistance.

Galvanized frame with powder coating in grey (Profiles:50x50x2mm). Foot board is aluminium planking with plastic end cap.

Bleacher Length:3500mm, Height:1080mm, Depth:340mm, Row Ascension:190mm, Row depth:670mm

Plastic Seat Height:330mm, Width:430mm, Depth:400mm, Seat Centers:480mm.

 Layout plan: 7 seats for per row, 3 Row Stand. Total seating capacity: 21 seats. Excludes Side and back guardrails & wheels.  

(Wheels are an optional extra)


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