Outdoor Furniture

Corrugated Wood Frame Planter Box

Get the designer look.

Frame made from treated timber & lined inside with treated ply. Box has water resistant lining to stop chemicals from leaching into the soil. Outside of box lined with corrugated galvanized iron. Screwed together with stainless steel screws. All boxes are elevated so they are lifted off the ground. Planter Boxes can be made with mini corrugated colour steel POA.

Models & Dimensions

PB400S   400mmW x 400mmD x 300mmH

PB600S   600mmW x 600mmD x 600mmH

PB750S  750mmW x 750mmD x 700mmH

PB800S   800mmW x 800mmD x 300mmH

PB900L   900mmL x 450mmD x 450mmH

PB1200L 1200mmL x 400mmD x 300mmH

PB1200S 1200mmW x 1200mmD x 900mmH

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